I loved Little Lulu

after school habit of my yesterlife 🙂

Like Water I Will Be

First off, my meeting with my super went from talking about FYP to talking about general election. Yea, don’t ask me how.

Secondly, my friend shared a LITTLE FREAKIN’ LULU on Facebook and I can’t even describe how nostalgic that show is. I’m 25 and I loved it then, still loving it now!!! You know, the rough edges of the characters are what makes the cartoon even more epic than ever! Here is my favourite episode EVER!

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Illustrating the point

tv understands us 🙂

Three Friends and Crumbs, children's stories

FORGET the Caped Crusader, the Web-Slinger and the Man of Steel. For me there is only one true comicbook hero and the only time he wears a mask is when his imagination lets loose as Stupendous Man.

His name is Calvin.

And like all comic creations he has a sidekick – his trusty stuffed toy tiger Hobbes.

I first came across Calvin and Hobbes while searching for a book to read on a family holiday. I found Yukon Ho! and my collection built from there.

On a basic level, I liked the idea of a boy getting up to mischief with his pal of which only he can see come to life. But creator Bill Watterson did more than that. He used the strips to provide social commentary on business, philosophy and culture – made all the more amusing coming from the mouth of a six-year-old schoolboy.

His illustrations ranged…

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33 Unusual Tips To Being A Better Writer

Thought Catalog

Back in college, my friend Sanket and I would hang out in bars and try to talk to women but I was horrible at it. Nobody would talk to me for more than thirty seconds, and every woman would laugh at all his jokes for what seemed like hours. Even decades later I think they are still laughing at his jokes. One time he turned to me and said, “The girls are getting bored when you talk. Your stories go on too long. From now on, you need to leave out every other sentence when you tell a story.” We were both undergrads in Computer Science. I haven’t seen him since, but that’s the most important writing (and communicating) advice I ever got.

33 other tips for being a better writer

Write whatever you want. Then take out the first paragraph and last paragraph. Here’s the funny thing about this rule…

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das capital.

diğer geçenlere bir manzara bırakabilmek ..


“Şimdi düşünüyorum da, geçicilik neden olumsuz bir anlam taşıyor ki? Yaşam da geçici değil mi? İnsan tekinin varoluşu da geçici değil mi? Hepimiz geçmiyor muyuz? O zaman bu kalıcılık takıntısı nereden kaynaklanıyor? Bence tamamen ölüm düşüncesi ve sahip olmak arzusuyla ilgili. ‘Kalıcılık’, ‘kalıcı olmak’, vs bunlar ölümsüzlük teknolojilerinin çıkış noktası. Firavunlar gibi binlerce yıl ayakta kalacak piramitler yaptır, bilge bir kral ol, cesur bir savaşçı ol, iyi bir edebiyatçı ol, sıkı bir filozof veya hâkim ol, şu ol bu ol. Kolektif bilincin arketiplerinden biri ol. Tarihe geç. Hafızada, bu büyük muammanın hafızasında bir yer işgal et. Senin de bir yerin, mekanın olsun. Eserlerde, fikirlerde, eylemlerde yaşa! Oysa yaşayan şu kelimeler değil mi? herkesin koynuna giren, ayartan, türlü türlü rüyalar gördüren şu kelimeler… Eflâtun’un koynuna başka türlü, Hallac’ın koynuna başka türlü giren. Sonra mesela Eflâtun da Hallac da birer kelime oluyor, bu kelimeler de herkesin koynuna giriyor.”

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